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In ECO-TECH, we care about processing sustainable products, this means we always put environmental aspects on the first place. That concerns in many forms: materials we use and their source, distribution and the end-of-life of products. We work with environmentally friendly materials that are simpler to repurpose, reuse, recycle, and upcycle, so prolonging the life of the materials and preventing them from ending up in landfills.

Our objective is for ALL of our goods to be produced of recyclable and/or biodegradable materials in order to reduce the environmental effect from the start of the product’s life until its end or disposal.

Therefore, we work with companies for which environmental protection is as important as it is for us.

tesa® one of our leading supplier is a company that puts environmental concerns on the foreground.

Criteria for sustainable packing tapes

Responsible resource managment

Recycled content

End-of-life solutions

Renewable feedstocks

Reduced CO2, emissions

Adhesive Solutions - Monta Tapes

Sustainable Packaging Tape

Whatever you name it, parcel tape, packaging tape, or shipping tape, it needs to be robust and long-lasting. Eco-tape offers all the benefits of any other kind of packaging tape, but it can be recycled – often while still attached to the box.

Eko-tech Converting Company - Ekotech Tapes - Paper Tape
Eko-tech Converting Company - Ekotech Tapes - Paper Tape

Paper packing tapes

Paper packing tapes – These environmentally friendly self-adhesive and gummed paper tapes are a great alternative to polypropylene and vinyl tapes, providing the same level of closure, sealing, and protection while also being recyclable and recycled. Even the adhesive is safe for the environment.

Another incentive to convert to paper tape is that it sticks to all sorts of cartons and boxes, and because it is created from renewable resources and uses a natural rubber adhesive, it can be recycled with the box it is connected to, eliminating the need to spend time – and money – separating them.

Biodegradable or recycled plastic tapes – These tapes are less environmentally friendly self-adhesive tapes than paper tapes, but still give a great contribution to the environment. Being biodegradable means faster and easier natural breakdown comparing to nonbiodegradable materials. Eco-friendly packaging tapes are made from 100% recycled plastic without PVC and solvents. Very often eco-friendly tapes are made also of PLAPolylactic acid, also known as poly(lactic acid) or polylactide. Popular plastic which is primarily produced from renewable resources such as sugar cane, starch and corn.

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