Why use industrial spools?

The above question is often asked, especially by production companies where a continuous process of application is required. So, why not change 100, 50m long rolls to one roll 5000m long? At EKO-TECH, we have an indisputable answer to this question – cross-wound tapes – in industrial spool form. Spooling is a process where several hundred or even thousands of linear metres of technical adhesive tapes can be spliced together and wound on a single core, known as a spool. That is similar to fishing line or thread wound onto a reel.

EKO-TECH as a pioneer in spooling process

We always put the satisfaction of our customers as the priority of our job. Wanting to keep pace with them, we need to constantly develop our products and improve our production line. Our last step on the way to development is a modern production line for spooling of self-adhesive tapes. Thanks to this investment, we will be the first and the only one in Poland to produce tapes on spools – from most of our products – including such brands like tesa and 3M.

Benefits for Your Process

The long lengths available on spools allow your machines to keep running longer and thereby reducing costs associated with downtime, labour and changeovers.

  • More material per spool as compared to common rolls
  • Fewer changeovers per shift
  • More up-time on automated equipment
  • Decreases downtime
  • Saves warehouse space
  • Quicker run-times

What Tapes Can Be Spooled?

Tapes that we can spool are:

  • Double coated foam tapes
  • Single coated foam tapes
  • Double Coated Film Tapes
  • Nonwovens and tissue supported tapes

Details about spooling process:

  • The minimum thickness of the material is 50mic
  • Maximum material thickness of 5000 microns
  • The minimum width of the tape is 4mm
  • Maximum belt width 25mm
  • The maximum length depends on the thickness material up to 30000m
  • 152mm internal diameter of the rollers
  • One-sided or two-sided finger-lift

Usage + photos

  • Sales racks
  • Construction
  • Windows and doors
  • Furniture
  • Furniture
  • Furniture
  • Household appliances

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