We produce technical insulations made of MYLAR-A or FORMEX insulation foil.

We process solid silicone insulators as well as GAP Filler thermal insulators. Each of the offered products responds to the specific technical requirements for application. From thin MYLAR-A foils, 0.05 mm thick, to thick insulators in the form of GAP Filler, even 7 mm thick.

Our products can be made and processed in a following way:

  • In the form of rolls and tapes with specified widths and lengths
  • Self-adhesive, in the form of sheets and tapes with specified widths and lengths
  • Cut to shape and form, also notching to allow and facilitate folding
  • A combination of various materials with different parameters, for example MYLAR-A foil with PORON foam.

The basic insulation products are complemented by electrical insulating tapes – one-sided and double-sided – by 3M and tesa. These tapes are cut into rolls of a certain width – and also cut to the shape in accordance to drawing. Most of our products meet the stringent flame retardant standards according to UL.

Insulation - Formex


Insulation - Gap filter


Insulation - Mylar


Insulation - Solide Silicone