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Tesa Platinum Converter Partner

20 kwietnia, 2023|0 Comments

The Tesa® Alliance Program - a source of benefits for partners For the second consecutive year, EKO-TECH® has been awarded the title of Platinum Converter Partner, the highest level awarded by the [...]

  • Eko-tech Converting Company - Paper packaging tapes

Paper packaging tapes

19 lutego, 2023|0 Comments

ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING TAPES Paper packaging adhesive tape is a type of tape that is used for packaging and sealing boxes, envelopes, and other containers. It is made from a [...]

  • Eko-tech Converting Company

PP, PVC Tapes

18 sierpnia, 2022|0 Comments

PP Tapes At EKO-TECH, we use the best raw materials to create PP Solvent packaging tape. Trusted and reliable vendors supply us with the highest quality raw materials. During the [...]

  • Adhesive Solutions

Self-adhesive EPDM

18 maja, 2022|0 Comments

Self-adhesive EPDM EKO-TECH is a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive EPDM foam tapes, rolls, mats (sheets), and technical patterns based on technical drawings. What [...]

  • Adhesive Solutions - Tesa Tapes Flame Xtinc

Flame retardant tapes tesa® flameXtinct

4 maja, 2022|0 Comments

Flame retardant tapes tesa® flameXtinct Flame retardant tapes tesa® flameXtinct - The latest range of double-sided tapes for assembly applications in products with increased flame retardant requirements. To ensure health and [...]

  • Eko-tech Converting Company - Ekotech Tapes - Paper Tape


24 stycznia, 2022|0 Comments

ECO - TAPES It’s high time for a change! In ECO-TECH, we care about processing sustainable products, this means we always put environmental aspects on the first place. That concerns in many [...]

  • Adhesive Solutions - Tesa Tapes ACX plus Multi Purpose

tesa® ACXplus Multi Purpose (MP)

17 stycznia, 2022|0 Comments

The New line of tesa® ACXplus Tapes This fascinating new collection is a perfect complement to tesa's fantastic acrylic core product line. If you're unfamiliar with ACXplus, we invite You to read more [...]

Sound & Vibration Dampening Tapes

31 grudnia, 2021|0 Comments

Discover our new BSR 603XX series to fight annoying noises Nowadays consumers have a higher level of expectations when it comes to the products they purchase. Performance and reliability have always been important, but [...]

Industrial spools

17 grudnia, 2021|0 Comments

Why use industrial spools? The above question is often asked, especially by production companies where a continuous process of application is required. So, why not change 100, 50m long rolls to one [...]

  • Adhesive Solutions - Waterproof sealings

Waterproof Sealings

3 grudnia, 2021|0 Comments

Waterproof Sealings A small element that prevents leakage Gasket - a type of sealing, an element of a specific shape and dimensions, placed at the point of connection of other elements to [...]

  • Adhesive Solutions - 3M Mylar A

Self adhesive MYLAR-A solutions

29 stycznia, 2021|0 Comments

Self adhesive MYLAR-A solutions Eko-Tech is one of the leading companies in developing and manufacturing special self adhesive insulation components made of MYLAR-A. Why MYLAR-A? Mylar-A is a DuPont brand, manufactured of [...]