Contour tape RIGID GRADE

Orafol Rigid Grade

Contour marking tapes for RIGID surfaces are a certified product according to ECE104 for marking trucks and trailers and semi-trailers. The tapes are offered in three colors – White, Yellow and Red – In one standardized size of 50mm x 50m.

Main product benefits:

  • Comply to ECE 104, C

  • Outstanding long distance nighttime visibility

  • Easy to handle and apply

  • No edge sealing required

  • Easy to cut

  • Polyester construction ensures mechanical stability

  • Resistant to power washing

  • Highly resistant to most industrial cleaning processes

  • Assumed working life by specialist application: 10 years

  • Single layer prismatic construction with adhesive backing

Contour tape RIGID GRADE

Available colors

Contour tape RIGID GRADE White

Oralite Tape VC104+ Rigid Grade White

Contour tape RIGID GRADE Red

Oralite Tape VC104+ Rigid Grade Red

Contour tape RIGID GRADE Yellow

Oralite Tape VC104+ Rigid Grade Yellow


Homologacja – RG – CERT-E4-104R-00 0001-08
VC104+ Rigid Grade Application
VC104+ Rigid Grade Flyer
VC104+ Rigid Grade REACH
VC104+ Rigid Grade Technical Data