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Self-adhesive EPDM

EKO-TECH is a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive EPDM foam tapes, rolls, mats (sheets), and technical patterns based on technical drawings.

What exactly is EPDM foam?

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a cross-linked foam made by vulcanizing sulfur or peroxide.

EPDM has excellent properties, including weather resistance, water resistance, property stability at temperatures up to +150 ° C, and flexibility at temperatures as low as -40 ° C. EPDM may be manufactured in the SHORE A hardness range of 40-90.

It has been widely employed in the general industry, particularly as a sealing and protective material, due to its characteristics.

EPDM versions

SELF-ADHESIVE EPDM – We specialize in hot lamination to connect materials without glue using a self-adhesive layer.

EPDM foam is available in a self-adhesive variant. We offer a variety of adhesives at our disposal, mostly acrylic adhesives in various weights and with reinforcing. We choose the right adhesive based on the requirements of application parameters, which is:

  • High temperature resistant

  • Resistant to weather conditions, including UV exposure

  • Provides good adhesion to low-energy surfaces

  • Stabilizes EPDM foam and prevents it from stretching or tearing

  • It is flame retardant according to FMVSS, UL and other flame retardant standards.

  • Double-sided self-adhesive

Our experience and knowledge allows for a very wide customization of the final product according to selected above options.

self-adhesive EPDM applications in rolls, sheets and ready-made blanks

The versatile properties of EPDM enable its use in a variety of industrial applications. The combination of properties and converting possibilities in EkoTech make EPDM – in the self-adhesive version or without glue, even more versatile and universal, thus replacing other foams, mainly PE and EV.

  • Soundproofing, EPDM perfectly reduces the sound. By sticking it to different surfaces, you can get a good acoustic damping effect
  • Insulation, EPDM, thanks to its density, has good thermal insulation properties

  • Sealing, EPDM is a closed cell foam and therefore more resistant to the absorption of external elements. Besides, it is resistant to many chemicals.

  • Protection, EPDM is stable and more abrasion and impact resistant than other comparable foams


EPDM foam fabrication methods

Finally, we’d like to show you how EKO-TECH can customize EPDM foam to your specifications. We don’t only sell one sort of foam. EPDM foams are classified according to their density and hence hardness.

EPDM is processed in various thicknesses
ranging from 2mm to 15mm.

Rewinding – Possibility to rewind EPDM up to 1000mm wide on rolls of any length up to a maximum diameter of about 1000mm

Slitting / Rewinding – It is also possible to rewind with simultaneous cutting into webs with a minimum width of 25mm

Lamination and Coating – In the lamination and coating process, we can combine several layers of different materials – i.e. glue or EPDM with other materials – in one-sided or two-sided coating.

Slitting  – From the base EPDM width of about 1000 mm, we cut rolls of any width – EPDM with and without glue.

Sheeting – From the base width of approximately 1000mm, we produce sheets of any size ranging up to 1000mm (width) and 3000mm (length).

Knife Cutting – The latest knife cutting machines allow us to cut any shape in the working area of 2000mm x 3000mm.

Kiss & Die Cutting – We die-cut in Kiss and Die Cut EPDM self-adhesive technologies with a maximum detail size of 320mm x 320mm.

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