Waterproof Sealings

Waterproof Sealings

A small element that prevents leakage

Gasket – a type of sealing, an element of a specific shape and dimensions, placed at the point of connection of other elements to obtain tightness of the connection. Gaskets are used to make static and movement seals. Gaskets allow for „less-than-perfect” mating surfaces on machine parts where they can fill irregularities. Gaskets are commonly produced by cutting from sheet materials.

At Eko-Tech, we produce various shapes and sorts of gaskets elements, also those that are good for watertight seals. For that, we use various materials including PORON®, silicone rubber, and other commonly known materials.

PORON® as a sealing material

People who are familiar with PORON®, know that typically PORON® is not a great watertight gasket material. However, with AquaPro™ that changes. Thanks to continuous innovations in Rogers Corporation, we can offer You the newest addition to the Rogers line of high-performance foam products.

PORON® AquaPro™ family differs from “soft” (41) to “very soft” (37) provides enhanced protection from water ingress due to its water sealing capability and long term performance. The new AquaPro 37 formulation requires the lowest compression force of any PORON water sealing formulation in achieving a tight seal.

Properties of PORON® AquaPro™


  • Thermally stable from 40°C to 90°C (-40°F to 194°F) for constant use and up to 120°C (248°F) for intermittent use
  • Flame Retardant- UL94 HBF and FMVSS 302 rated
  • Thicknesses available 0.15 – 12.7mm (.006 to .5 in)


  • Environmentally safe, with low outgassing
  • Provides reliable and durable water sealing capabilities
  • Chemical resistance to exposure to a wide range of common automotive fluids
  • Durable, long-term performance
Waterproof sealings

What we can do

We can offer common die-cuts or laser-cuts PORON® materials. Our experience in processing and developing self-adhesive solutions help us to produce even self-adhesive seals made of AquaPro™ PORON®. We work with the best and most famous manufacturers of self-adhesive tapes, Tesa tape and 3M.


Due to its durable performance and better sealing, PORON® AquaPro provides a wide variety of applications, even in not ideal conditions.

  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning seals;
  • automotive: headlights and taillights;
  • electricity: electrical enclosures